Anal Fantasy - Prostate Pleazer Anal Fantasy - Prostate Pleazer
Fantasy X-tension - 3" Perfect Fantasy X-tension - 3
Double Header Dong- Smooth Double Header Dong- Smooth
So Real Vib 8" So Real Vib 8
Silver Cock-rings (3) Silver Cock-rings (3)
Asylum - Hook Claw Mouth Spreader Asylum - Hook Claw Mouth Spreader
Abacus Vice - Double Bar Pincher Abacus Vice - Double Bar Pincher
Vouchers for Men Vouchers for Men
Oral Sex Game Oral Sex Game
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Bondaage Gear

Asylum - Hook Claw Mouth Spreader # Hooked metal mouth bits grip corners of mouth spreading it wide open. # Adjustable neck straps fit most patients. You can buy online or pop into Barbarellas Palmerston North and view our bigger selection of adult toys / bondage Product Details
Ball Gag Training System Don't say a word! The ball gag training system is perfect for beginners who are new to being gagged, yet versatile enough to satisfy a pro. The 3 gag training system allows you to start with a smaller gag and gradually work your way up to a larger one... Product Details
Bit Gag & Nipple Clamps Tease your plaything with this dual featured silicone bit gag & nipple clamps. Affixing the bit gag over your playthings open mouth and securing it by way of the sturdy, adjustable silicone belt style strap. Product Details
BLING FLOGGER Bling encrusted handle with hand loop. It has a supple suede- like falls that can produce a tickling sensation or a stinging snap, You can buy now or pop into Barbarellas Palmerston North and view our bigger selection of adult toys / bondage gear Product Details
Bondage Belt Restraint System Fasten your sheet belt and get ready for a wild ride! The bondage belt restraint system will turn your bedroom into the ultimate erotic playground. Perfect for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Product Details
Cylinder Gag with Leather Straps You love a naughty game? keep your lover quite with this distinctive cylinder gag. This gag has quality leather straps with elegant stitching down the length of the straps. The strap has 11 holes to adjust the length. Product Details
Door Cuffs * Turn your door into a bondage playground! * Soft & Adjustable quick release cuffs. * It won't leave any marks on your door. Product Details
Fantasy C-Ringz - Extreme Cock Blocker Put your lover on lock-down with this Extreme Silicone Cock Blocker! Fasten the lock, hide the key and make sure your partner keeps his cock where it belongs! This high-end chastity cage is made from body-safe phthalate free elite silicone and is designed Product Details
Fantasy Door Swing. Enjoy positions you never thought were possible! Turn an ordinary door in your home into a love swing in just minutes with this incredible fantasy door swing. Holds up to 300lbs. Product Details
Fantasy Web - Bed restraint System Turn any bed into an instant bondage playground with this incredible Fantasy Web! This easy-to-install versatile bed restraint system is all you need for a night of fetish and fun in your own bedroom, using the bed you all ready own! Product Details
Fetish Fantasy - Deluxe Door Cuffs Turn any ordinary door into an erotic bondage playgroubd with these incredible deluxe door cuffs. Simple drape 2 metal tubes over the top of an open door, close and lock the door... Product Details
FETISH FANTASY - DOGGY HOOD & LEASH Keep your lover on a leash with this full face Doggy Hood and Leash. This high quality fully adjustable hood laces up in the back and buckles at the collar, with two vented nostril holes for easy breathing and a zippered muzzle mouth.... Product Details
FETISH FANTASY - SPREADER BAR "I've never seen one of these before", I admitted, half embarrassed, half intrigued. "Relax and spread your legs wide open, this is harmless", he said as he gently cuffed each of my ankles into the soft neoprene restraints. Product Details
First Time Fantasy Kit Kit Includes: *Feather Tickler. *LoveMask. *Breathable Ball Gag. *Rope Whip. *Love Dice. Product Details
Heavy duty hog tie kit *4 way adjustable hogtie with neoprene cuffs *Heavy-duty metal buckles and clips Product Details
Inflatable Locking Gag This inflatable dildo gag is sure to keep your plaything in pleasured silence with it's expandable penis head gag and comfortable leather head-straps. Product Details
Japanese Silk Rope The roap is 1/4" thick and 35 feet long perfect for creating elaborate body harnesses and rope restraints. Product Details
Lust Bondage Whip Awaken your desires and delve into the realm of lust. Meticulously constructed, this lovely purple whip will drive you wild, by either ticking or stinging your skin, you can buy now or pop into Barbarellas Palmerston North and view our bigger selection of Product Details
Master Series - Subdued Full Body Strap Set SUBDUED - is a full body strap set, there are 7 nylon straps that are easy to adjust to tie your partner up firmly, using easy lock buckles Product Details
Paddle - Hard Rubber One crack of this Fantasy Rubber Paddle and yoyr lover will know who's in charge! This bendable rubber paddle is soft enough for beginners to enjoy but stiff enough to still provide a firm whack. It hurts so good! Product Details
Scandal - Ball Gag Ball Gag - There is a deep intimacy that comes with complete trust. A ball gag does more than just silence it's wearer; it creates a vulnerable state in which one can truly yeild to a trusted lover. Product Details
Scandal - Bed Restraint Kit Kit Includes - Stretch to fit blindfold..Fully adjustable breathable ball gag..Gag adjusts up to 25" / 63.5 cm .. ball diameter 1.75" / 45 cm....Cross style bed restraints....universal clasps and o-rings with swivel design... cuffs adjust up to 14.5" / Product Details
Scandal - Bustier with Cuffs Naughty never looked so sexy. Ride the lines of trust and intimacy. While sensously restrained with the Scandal Bustier with Cuffs, the submissive is forced to surrender to the whims of the dominant. You relinquish...... Product Details
SCANDAL - COLLAR BODY RESTRAINT Collar Body Restraint, cuffed and collared, the dominant can be adventurous when the submissive is bound by the Scandal Collar Body Restraint. The cuffs can be tethered at various levels to offer different degrees of motion. Product Details
Scandal - Flogger Sensual S&M play includes both punishment and reward. The dual purpose, soft flogger gives the dominant role player the ability to deliver punishment with a few well placed swats on their partner's backside or reward their obedience with teasing, tickling Product Details
Scandal - Over The Door Cuffs Total surrender to a trusted lover increases emotional connection. Cuffing and binding a submissive lover's arms up over their head allows the dominant free reign to tease and tantalize while their partner is helpless to pleasurable sensations Product Details
Scandal - Paddle Sensual S&M play includes both punishment and reward. Using a soft paddle, the dominant role player delivers punishment with a few well placed swats on their partner's backside and rewards their obedience with teasing, tantalizing caresses. Product Details
Scandal - Super Sheet # High-shine, king-size vinyl sheet # Drapes over any surface # Strong and Durable # Easy to clean # Heaps of fun Product Details
scandal - Universal Cuffs Universal Cuffs - Total surrender to a trusted lover during light bondage play includes being bound and rendered helpess to pleasure. A submissive sexual partner in cuffs is a dominant partner's cue to create sensations that their partner can only enjoy. Product Details
Scandal Hog Tie EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A LITTLE NAUGHTY... Total surrender to a trusted lover can lead to new heights of ecstasy. Product Details
Ulimate Bondage Kit Kit Includes: *ball gag *butt plug *mini mite vibe *love mask *handcuffs *nipple chain clips *Hot wax candles *feather tickler *cat o nine tails *grey silk tie *ben wa balls Product Details
ULTIMATE BONDAGE KIT Take control with this Ultimate Bondage set featuring a faux flogger, blindfold, ball gag, hand cuffs and ankle cuffs and 5 metres of rope. Put on the pressure, leave your partner gagging for more. Product Details
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